Cratsol specializes in providing quality security services for a wide range of needs. As part of its steadfast commitment to enhancing the security of an organization, Cratsol has developed a number of specialized products that ensure infrastructure, cloud and end-point security for various devices – including personal computers, tablets, and mobiles, among others.

Our comprehensive systems guarantee the protection of crucial data and can prevent potentially harmful problems that could be detrimental to the overall well-being of the organization.


The advent of modern technology has led to the development of devices that are increasingly more compact and mobile. While this provides users with increased flexibility, it also opens them up to a number of new threats. Cratsol’s pledge to ensure the integrity of an organization’s security measures extends even in circumstances where a BYOD (bring your own device) policy has been implemented.

Cratsol can efficiently centralize end-user info to ensure better transparency and provide end-point security across a comprehensive number and variety of devices. This allows clients to enjoy the mobility that they require while being assured that all aspects of the operation are safe from potentially harmful threats.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is here and information access to the network is even more profound as homes, buildings, offices and even the whole city begins to connect to each other, providing a whole new experience of a connected world and a seamless virtual reality which can only be made possible through strong connectivity. Machines are getting smarter to enable faster and more efficient delivery of services. Cratsol has a wide range of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions and network connectivity for smart devices in offices, buildings as well as city services.

ELV Solution

Structured Cabling and Cabinet Solution: Cratsol provides versatile solutions for various needs including, copper solutions, fiber solutions, intelligent cabling solutions and rack solution for DC and Campus.

AV Services: Cratsol can also effectively address all audio-visual needs including Projection & Screen Equipment, PA Systems, Paging Systems, Digital Signage, Interactive Television. Kiosk Info Desks and Meeting and Auditorium System.

Physical Security Solutions: Cratsol has proven itself by providing IP CCTV Systems for reputable companies such as Pelco, Honeywell, Watchnet, Infinova, and Axxonsoft; Video Surveillance Storage to companies such as Rasiliant and Infortrend; Access Control Systems to companies such as Gallagher ( Cardax), Honeywell, RBH; Time & Attendance System to Wipaq ( ZK Tech) , Mobotime; Audio – Video Intercom System to Comelit , BPT, Jacques, Commend; Guest Room Management System to Honeywell (INNCOM); Gate Barrier & speed Gate to FAAC, DEA, Boon Edam and Digital Mobile Radio and Broad Band solution.

Data Centre build Services: Organizations are centralizing their IT operations by cultivating central data centers. Cratsol aims to help in this regard by utilizing its wide range of specializations to offer the following services: virtualization, to improve the efficiency of existing resources in a cost-effective manner; data migration, which includes applications servers and physical shifting of equipment while addressing core elements; Cooling systems to ensure ideal temperatures within the center; Raised flooring to accommodate the massive amounts of cable; uninterrupted water supply, to maintain operations; fire suppression systems that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic; and water detection, through the installation of water sensitive cables designed to address any leaks effectively.

End-User Solution

Cratsol is a trusted partner of end-user solutions for a wide range of business technology needs

MPS: Our Managed Print Services are backed by 19 years of experience in advanced printing technologies using products from leading vendors such as HP, Canon, Microsoft, Apple

Printers: HP products, Epson, Canon and Samsung

Laptops/Desktops: HP, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Asus and Lenovo

Consumables: HP, Compatibles, Epson and Canon

Que Management Solution

Cratsol provides organizations with state-of-the-art Queue Management Systems. Our Queue Management
System or QMS is a customer flow management system
that allows you to organize your customers in an efficient
and effective way on the basis of smart and intelligent
business and environmental based indicators and

Minimize your Cost of service , Waiting time , Customer turnover

Maximize your Productivity , Sales , Customer satisfaction

Infrastructure Services

Cratsol’s range of infrastructure services are implemented by IT integrators that understand the business, implementing services and technology applications while valuing efficient resource allocation. Our experts are backed by certified training and skills from industry-leading vendors

Network and Collaboration: Cratsol provides Wi-Fi, IP telephony, WAN, SDN and video conferencing solutions with our partners Cisco, Juniper and HPE

Platform Solutions: Managing servers, storage, virtualization, business continuity, disaster recovery, and backup systems can be efficiently implemented using our trusted vendor partners: HPE, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Veeam Software and VMWare

Security: Cratsol comprehensively covers four aspects of security needs – content, perimeter and core security, identity management, and auditing and management. We have partnered with security solutions providers including McAfee, Trend Micro, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Blue Coat, Barracuda, Forcepoint, F5, Citrix, Juniper, Fortinet, Infoblox, Sophos, Riverbed , Aruba Networks, HPE Enterprise Security.